Scientific Evidence

Demo Corroborated science must form the foundation of effective fish and wildlife management policies and regulations. has engaged the expertise of scientists and specialists to investigate and research these critical issues to reveal the true information and science underlying the use of lead ammunition.

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Demo Numerous environmental organizations have used the legal system to push their anti-hunting agendas, extend their influence over governmental agencies and broaden their authority. Environmental organizations, such as the Center for Biological Diversity and the Sierra Club, annually file hundreds of lawsuits nationwide to advance their political ideology, but ultimately to the financial detriment of wildlife conservation measures.

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Politics Over Science

In 2019, AB 711 will ban all hunting with lead ammunition throughout California. Whether you believe the bill is the result of an anti-hunting agenda or a true concern for the environment, the path this legislation has taken should raise everyone’s eyebrows.

The Fish and Game Commission has expressed serious concern regarding the questionable science alleged to support the ban of all lead based ammunition in California.

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Participate in the Lead Ammunition Debate

Hunting Regulations

Use our interactive map to locate state laws regarding lead ammunition.


By July 1, 2019, AB 711 requires the use of nonlead ammunition for the taking of all wildlife in California, including game mammals, game birds,nongame birds, and nongame mammals, with any firearm.

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