Scientific Presentations to California Fish & Game Commission

Information Presented by Independent Scientists During August 2009 Fish & Game Commission Hearing About Unreliability of the Methods Used by Proponents of Mandatory Lead Ammunition Bans.

Independent scientists Dr. Erik Randich and Dr. Don Saba presented testimony at a Fish & Game Commission hearing in August 2009 explaining the problems with the isotopic compositional analysis methods being used by some researchers and relied on by proponents of AB 711 to claim that elevated levels of lead in condors are caused by hunters' use of lead ammunition, and not from other environmental sources.

Biographies of Scientists Presenting

Dr. Erik Randich

Dr. Randich has a Ph.D in Metallurgy and Materials Science. After retiring from a career as a Materials Scientist with Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, he is now an independent scientist, specializing in forensic metallurgy failure analysis & advanced materials science. Dr. Randich's primary focus is the study of the ethical forensic interpretation of comparative bullet lead analysis. He is well-known for his research that resulted in the FBI modifying its scientific methodology and abandoning the use of lead compositional analysis to connect crime scene lead bullets with specific ammunition batches.

Dr. Don Saba

Dr. Saba received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of California at Berkeley. He is a chemist and a medical and biotechnology scientist specializing in the development of human and veterinary diagnostics and therapeutics, anti-aging, anti-cancer and anti-HIV drug development as well as the study of the fate of anthropogenic lead in the environment. Dr. Saba has published a peer-reviewed analysis, explaining the flaws within the Church Study and why isotopic analysis cannot be used to trace the source of lead in the blood of condors to ammunition.