Minnesota Hunters Misled About the Use of Lead Ammunition

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Minnesota—Anti-lead ammunition groups are again using faulty science to demonize the use of traditional lead ammunition for hunting, this time in Minnesota.

NRA-ILA responded, informing hunters of the truth regarding hunting with lead ammunition, and asking them to contact the Minnesota DNR and voice their opposition to any attempt to ban lead ammunition for hunting in Minnesota.

Lead ammunition ban proponents like Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) claim that 10 million people are endangered by spent lead ammunition fragments in game shot by hunters.  Despite these inaccurate claims, CBD’s dire predictions about human health risks concerning lead toxicity from traditional ammunition have been proven false.  The NY Department of Environmental Conservation has confirmed that there are no “reported human illnesses related to the consumption of wild game shot with lead ammunition.”  Further, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tested blood lead levels of 738 North Dakotans who consumed wild game meat harvested with lead ammunition and found that their blood lead levels were lower “than the overall population average in the U.S.”  According to the CDC, there have been no cases of human illness linked to venison harvested with lead ammunition.

To counter the scare tactics being employed by so-called environmental groups (a.k.a. anti-lead ammunition and animal rights groups) seeking to ban lead ammunition and significantly limit or ban recreational shooting and hunting, HuntForTruth.org has collected tens of thousands of documents pertaining to the use of lead ammunition. These documents raise serious doubts about the veracity of claims that lead ammunition is poisoning wildlife or humans. HuntForTruth.org will continue to disseminate the truth and debunk the faulty science being used to promote lead ammunition bans across the country.


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