Make Your Voice Heard has tried unsuccessfully to obtain the data used by the researchers at the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) for their publications that form the foundation of the lead ammunition ban proponents' arguments that lead ammunition is poisoning California condors and other wildlife.  For more information, read Public Records Lockdown.

To Make Your Voice Heard, please contact UCSC's Chancellor and the UC president and let them know you demand scientific integrity and transparency. regularly attends California Fish and Game Commission (Commission) meetings to stay current on wildlife management regulations and hunting issues.  At the November 2013 Commission meeting, NSSF asked the Director of California Fish and Wildlife Department (Department) and the Commission if they intended to produce a report on the 2012 blood lead levels found in California condors, as required by AB 821.  The Department was required to produce this report in June of 2013 but suspiciously did not present the report to the Commission during the AB 711 debate.  NSSF also pointed out to the Department and the Commission that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's (USFWS) report that was produced at the November Commission meeting was dated April 12, 2013, and did not contain any evaluation on the effectiveness of AB 821 by the Department.  The Commission dismissively responded that the USFWS report was the final report and the Department did not receive it until October 29, 2013.  The Commission further stated that any additional questions regarding these discrepancies would have to be addressed with the USFWS.

At the November 2013 Commission meeting, the Commission also stated that the implementation of AB 711 and any ancillary issues regarding lead ammunition and/or the California condors would be addressed by the Wildlife Resources Committee (WRC).  The Commission also promised that AB 711 opponent stakeholders would be included in the WRC in addition to the AB 711 proponent stakeholders.  Considering the Department's and Commission's flippant dismissal of their obligations to produce the 2012 blood lead levels in California condors report, asks hunters, recreational shooters, and all sportsmen to make your voices heard at future Commission meetings regarding the lead ammunition debate taking place in the WRC.

To Make Your Voice Heard, please contact the Commission and ask why the Department did not produce the 2012 blood lead levels in California condors report as required by AB 821.