California Fish and Game Commission Ousts Its President

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Ventura, California — Six months after he enraged anti-hunting groups for legally shooting a mountain lion in Idaho, on August 8, 2012 Dan Richards was removed as the president of the California Fish and Game Commission (Commission). The powerful five-member Commission’s mission is to ensure the long term sustainability of California’s fish and wildlife natural resources. The president of the Commission has a lot of influence on how this is accomplished.  The president controls items on the agenda for Commission meetings that sets rules for hunting, fishing, and endangered species in California.  

Richard’s removal, however, was no surprise.  The wheels have been turning to remove Richards since a picture of Richards holding a mountain lion, which he legally shot in Idaho, was published. In response to the protests of anti-hunting groups, the Commission changed its rules regarding the election of Commission officers.  On May 23, 2012, Section 660, Title 14, CCR was repealed, and the president’s position is now selected by a majority vote of the Commission.  

Richards was replaced with Commissioner Jim Kellogg. Richards will remain on the Commission, but not as the president. Although he was stripped of his leadership role with little discussion, Richards plans to stay on the Commission until his term expires in six months.